MASTERCLASS: Quick Take: Attribution is Not a Zero-sum Game 

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First-party data is a critical component of attribution because it provides marketers with the necessary information to accurately attribute conversions and sales to the correct marketing touchpoints.

Attribution and first-party data can work together to improve marketing outcomes when attribution models are accurately assigning credit and optimizing marketing spend. 

In this webinar, CPO Amol Waishampayan, Director of Product Marketing Julia Giacoboni, VP of Product Lou DiGiacomo, and Executive VP of Strategic Partnerships Todd Hauser discuss:

  • What is attribution?
  • What are common attribution models?
  • Why are attribution models important?
  • What is the zero-sum game theory?

Watch the replay today to learn how to make informed decisions about where to allocate your marketing budgets and how to optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

About our speakers: 

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