MASTERCLASS: Brand FOMO: Can Anyone Be a Retail Media Network?

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Retail Media Networks have become increasingly popular recently and might have you wondering if anyone can be a RMN. FullThrottle discusses the origins of Retail Media Networks and the FOMO surrounding them.

In this webinar, CPO Amol Waishampayan and VP of Product Lou DiGiacomo discuss:

  • What is a retail media network? 
  • Who were the first retail media networks? 
  • Why has the term become popular now? 
  • Should I be monetizing my on-site audiences? 
  • How does cookie depreciation affect RMNs? 
  • Where does fit into the world of RMNs?   

Watch the replay today to understand how transforms previously unreachable audiences into addressable first-party data households that can be used to tap into RMNs and drive incremental revenue.

About our speakers: 

Thought Leader AmolThought Leader Lou


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