MASTERCLASS: Third-Party Identity Graphs

If you missed our recent webinar, “Third-Party Identity Graphs,” don’t worry––we saved you a replay!  

In this MasterClass, CMO Bill Parlaman was joined by CPO Amol Waishampayan to discuss the future of third-party identity graphs. 

As the advertising landscape shifts due to the impending cookie demise and data privacy legislation becomes stricter, the technologies that exist within the ecosystem are expected to adapt to these changes.  

Amol and Bill speculated on what they think the future holds for third-party identity graphs and how they can stay resilient.  

In this webinar, they discussed: 

  • What third-party identity graphs are 
  • How the changes in the industry affect them 
  • What they can do to stay relevant 
  • And how companies can still benefit from using their third-party identity graph. 

We know you’ll find this replay insightful, especially if you’re on your journey to building a tech stack that is truly future proof! 

About our speakers: 


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