MASTERCLASS: Move Beyond Google Analytics: Why GA Isn't Enough for Modern Advertising Strategies

As marketing and advertising evolve and the industry changes, our processes must also evolve and change. Unfortunately, most traditional analytic programs, such as Google Analytics, are flawed and not enough for modern marketing strategies. To make matters worse, GA4 is dropping soon, with metrics focused on user engagement.  

In this webinar, Bill and Amol broke down: 

  • The real online journey, which helps create a correct view of how consumers shop
  • Why we measure everything in clicks and why this is outdated 
  • How to accurately measure advertising efforts, beyond Google Analytics 

Once we have a better understanding and view of how consumers actually shop, we can begin to move beyond Google Analytics and traditional analytics tools.  

Watch the replay today to begin your journey to a better understanding of how your shoppers shop. 

About our speakers: 

Thought Leader AmolThought Leader Bill


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