MASTERCLASS: How FullThrottle Supercharges Your CDP

As customer data platforms (CDPs) rise in popularity, many brands are heavily investing in them. This investment can be expensive for brands in a few ways.   

It is important for brands to make the most of their technology investments, especially as data collection must change (cookie deprecation, privacy legislation, broken consumer trust, etc.).  

In this webinar, Lou and Amol covered:

  • What a CDP is
  • Why CDPs are important to brands
  • The purpose of CDPs
  • The key to utilizing CPDs properly 
  • How FullThrottle helps you make the most of your CDP 

Whether you already have a CDP or you’re researching them for your business, this is the webinar replay for you. Bonus insights from Lou and Amol include coveted information on first-party data. 

About our speakers: 

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