MASTERCLASS: Finding the Balance: In-House vs. White-Label Tech Solutions

Do-it-yourself solutions for your tech stack probably got your business to where it is today, but that doesn't mean you can (or should) sustain that in-house capability as you grow. In order to maintain your core competencies, you have to diversify. The trouble is finding the balance of both. 

In this Masterclass, you'll learn how to strike the perfect balance between in-house and white-label solutions for your tech stack. Here are some key takeaways: 

  • Discover the benefits and challenges of using white-label technology solutions in the agency space, including how it can help differentiate your agency and potentially create new revenue streams.
  • Learn about the importance of focusing on your agency's core competencies and how partnering with the right technology providers can help amplify your agency's unique offerings.
  • Understand the importance of diversifying your in-house capabilities and how it can contribute to your agency's overall growth and scalability.
  • Gain insights into how agencies can leverage white-label technology to build additional revenue streams and enhance their clients' businesses.
  • Explore the impact of the blend of in-house and white-label technology on an agency's enterprise value from an investor's perspective.

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