MASTERCLASS: Deep Dive: What are Today's Agencies Doing with Weakened Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising just isn't what it used to be ... but that doesn't mean it's time to jump ship. Privacy consciousness and cookie deprecation have done a number on it, sure — but first-party data is the key to bringing better ROI than you ever had with third-party data sets.

In this Masterclass, VP of Product Lou DiGiacomo, VP of Performance Strategy  Jenny Wildman, and Director of Product Marketing Julia Giacoboni discuss the developing situation around programmatic advertising and practical steps your brand can take to adapt.

Here are a few things you'll learn:
  • The importance of first-party data in programmatic advertising
  • How to leverage new technologies and data to improve your programmatic strategy
  • The impact of privacy regulations on programmatic advertising
  • Strategies for creating more personalized and relevant ad experiences for your audience
  • Best practices for optimizing your programmatic campaigns and maximizing ROI 

Watch the replay for a look at where programmatic advertising is headed and how you can bolster your ROI with first-party data. 

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