MASTERCLASS: Seven Questions to Ask Your First-Party Data Provider

In case you missed our MasterClass,“Top 7 Questions to Ask Your First-Party Data Provider”, don’t worry – we saved you a replay!

Chief Marketing Officer, Bill Parlaman, and Director of Special Projects, Julia Giacoboni uncover the top seven questions you need to be asking your first-party data provider.  

In this MasterClass, Bill and Julia discuss: 

  • Questions you MUST ask your data provider 
  • How the cookie deprecation affects businesses of all kinds 
  • How to make sure your data is good quality and credible 
  • Creating a plan for what to do with your data 
  • and more! 

As the cookieapocalypse approaches, you need a plan in place for collecting actionable data. Not sure what that means? Check out the replay and schedule your demo today. FullThrottle is ready to tackle changes coming our way and help you future-proof your business. 

 About our speakers: 

Bill Parlaman, Chief Marketing Officer 

Bill Parlaman is a high-energy, solutions-driven leader focused on guiding companies through first-party data transformations. With his teams, Bill helps brands and agencies adopt and lean into a future-proof cookieless plan.

Bill is one of the founding Thought Leaders in the digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization space. Prior to joining FullThrottle, Bill founded his own inbound marketing agency. This experience has followed him into his role with FullThrottle, where he leads a team of sales and marketing professionals. As Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Bill is responsible for generating new topline revenue for FullThrottle’s AdTech platform. As a Thought Leader, Bill has spoken and presented at large conferences, runs MasterClasses on a range of topics to educate agencies and businesses about the latest in adtech, and has been highlighted in many publications for his contributions to marketing.

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Julia Giacoboni, Director of Special Projects

Julia Giacoboni is the Director of Special Projects at FullThrottle. As a Thought Leader, she works with clients on new ways to engage, accurately market to, and retain customers using the power of data and AI. With her start in the automotive industry over a decade ago, she went from overseeing paid search, social, and SEO strategies as a Digital Marketing Director, to her current role. Now, she collaborates with a variety of teams, from developers and data analysts to ad tech, innovation, and more. Her goal every day is to help empower clients by teaching them how to utilize data and the most advanced tools available. Julia resides in South Philly with her husband and two cats. When not at her desk, she enjoys hanging out on her stoop, going to concerts, traveling, and reminiscing about the time she went viral for keeping expired food in the work fridge.

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