MASTERCLASS: Capturing First-Party Data From the Future

In case you missed our most recent MasterClass, “Capturing First-Party Data from the Future”, don’t worry, we saved you a replay!  

CMO, Bill Parlaman was joined by Director of Platform Innovation, Lou DiGiacomo, as they discussed actionable plans for collecting quality, future-proof data.  

Covered in this webinar: 

  • How you will be impacted by the deprecation of third-party cookies 
  • What you need first-party data for 
  • How the first-party data you currently have is not sufficient 
  • And how you can get more first-party data of the future.  

With First-Party Data seen as the key to thriving in the cookieless world, brands are leaning into their previous transactions and leads for success. But brands who focus on the past are turning their backs on their future shoppers. Time to think about your First-Party Data from the future- where to generate these audiences, and how to guide them through the path to conversion. 

Don’t let your business get phased out with cookies. Discover all you need to succeed in a cookieless world.  

 About our speakers: 

Thought Leader LouThought Leader Bill


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